About Mackenzie

My mission in life is to inspire people through two things: music and movement. My innate love for music drives every aspect of both my personal and professional life. I have been a recording artist since the age of 14, and have always been driven to create music that makes people want to get up and dance! I believe there is a strong need for more pop/ dance artists to perform with highly advanced choreography, like Britney used to do in her prime. This is the direction I’ve always seen myself headed as an artist.

Alongside singing, dance has been the underlying heartbeat of my life since I was very little. Growing up, I danced competitively, and eventually moved into a conservatory program, where I studied a wide range forms, with a heavy focus on hip hop. After high school, I went on to take a gap year to focus on my artistic pursuits. I participated in Broadway Dance Center’s Pre Professional Program, while working on writing, recording, and releasing new music.

Following my gap year, I attended New York University, where I studied music business. My time at NYU allowed me to study the business side of the industry, and gave me a holistic view and strong understanding of the music industry and all it entails. My internship experiences at companies like Sony Music and MAC Presents were invaluable; being able to fully immerse myself simultaneously in both my studies and my internships allowed me to get the absolute most out of my NYU education. The knowledge I obtained from these opportunities primed me well to enter the work force.

Alongside my passion for the music and entertainment industries, I am also very passionate about fitness and health. During my junior year at NYU, I auditioned to become a trainer at a boutique fitness studio called Dancebody. I went through an extensive training program, to then test out and officially start teaching classes at their NYC studios. This job has awarded me the ability to combine my passions of fitness and dance into one, and uplift and inspire others daily. I am very grateful for my experiences with Dancebody, and plan to continue working in the fitness industry at some capacity for a long time.

While being part of the graduating class of 2020 has presented its many obstacles, I am a firm believer that experiencing adversity early on prepares you to be a resilient, forward thinker who can creatively handle any challenge thrown their way. I am grateful to have many different passions, and look forward to pursuing all of them to various degrees as I enter my post graduate life.

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