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About Mackenzie

I have been blessed with the gift of creative passion…..passion for dance, passion for singing, and passion for health and fitness. While I am frequently asked which is my favorite, I can honestly say that all three areas combined make me who I am today, and have inspired my career path and general path of life.  

Born and raised in Potomac, Maryland, I have, by todays standards, a relatively large family consisting of three sisters and one brother. As the only artist in the family, I am on an island of my own in many ways, but am always loved and supported. In 2015, after graduating from high school, I took a wonderful gap year and spent time in NY fine-tuning my dance skills and producing new music. This time gave me wonderful clarity into who I am and what I want to become!

I am now a sophomore at NYU studying Business, with a focus on the music industry. This is the perfect path for me, as it combines the development of artistic pursuits with a solid business background that will help to navigate the intricacies of a complex and ever-changing industry. NYU is located in a dynamic city, packed with performance and networking opportunities.

As I have grown into a young adult, I realize the value in tapping into every aspect of your life that interests you, and pursuing what makes you happy. With this in mind, I plan to share all of my passions with the world, and through this, hopefully inspire others to live a life where their dreams can take the front seat.

Thank you for joining me, and if I can leave you with anything, I hope it is inspiration. Because to be inspired is, in my opinion, what makes life worth living.

With Love,


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