About Health

Health is an important topic to me.
When I was fourteen, I was diagnosed with a genetic pancreatic deformity. As a result, I struggled with several hospitalizations and severe bouts of pancreatitis. While trying to survive and enjoy high school as well as my first year of college, it became evident that I had to embrace a new lifestyle in order to stay healthy. I have taken on many different styles of eating over the last handful of years, but like anyone else, I am constantly evolving and discovering things about my body and what it requires nutritionally. I truly enjoy healthy eating and constantly am trying new things to improve my overall physical health.
Along with this, I firmly believe that mental health is equally as important as physical. As I’ve matured, I continue to realize this, and have learned to always act on mental health struggles and never push these issues under the rug. I hope by allowing myself to be vulnerable in this aspect of my life, I can relate to anyone with similar experiences, and hopefully inspire people to become their healthiest and HAPPIEST self.

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