About Life

While a lot of my time is focused towards my goals and pursuing my passions, I believe it is equally as important to be bettering myself in every aspect of life.

I am constantly trying to be a better friend, daughter, sister, and role model, and I cherish the relationships I have built up until this point of my life.

Most of my closest friends say that I am the one they can confide in for advice, and I believe this is one of my strongest traits as a friend. I always strive to help people through adversity while being honest and sincere, and it brings me incredible joy when I’m able to do so.

On this site, not only do I want to share information and stories about the main aspects of my life, but I want to talk about a variety of important topics that I feel can really help people going through similar situations. At the end of the day, relationships are everything, and I hope by sharing these stories, I can be a resource (and friend!) to anyone reading.

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