So I haven’t released a new song since February, and I can’t say I’m all too proud of that! However, finding the right sound and perfect songs can take quite a long time, especially being a student and only having limited hours to record and create. This is also not a process I want to rush in any way. Music should take time to create.

Growing up creating music, I didn’t hesitate to release any of it; I just wanted to have new music for people to hear right away! As I’ve gotten older, and learned the value of patience, I realize that the quality and authenticity of my work is what’s mostimportant to me, and as long as I am staying true to those things, I am willing to wait and put in the time and work to get it exactly the way I want it to be!

I currently have 2 new songs that I absolutely love and will be on my EP when it is released. I am working to create the last 3 to complete the album, and October is going to be a big month of recording for me. It has been a long time coming, but I know my patience will be worth the end result! Career goals are not a sprint; they are a continuous and often times arduous undertaking… a marathon. Music is a side of me I hold near and dear to my heart, and although it isn’t always easy, I continue to enjoy creating and sharing music, and I can’t wait for this next wave of music to be finished! Until then, stay tuned. 🙂



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