Hi all!!

As I enter into the final leg of my freshman year here at NYU, I am feeling extremely motivated and inspired to get the absolute most out of this year that I can. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my experiences here, and can say that the friendships and experiences I have had at NYU are irreplaceable. I can’t believe how much I have grown in such a short amount of time, and how FAST time has flown. Sure, this year has presented its challenges, but not a day goes by that I do not wake up with a grateful heart, knowing that I have the opportunity to pursue what I love in the city that I love. I truly don’t know what else I could ask for!

THAT BEING SAID, I’m so happy to share that over my spring break, I was able to record two new songs! The producer, Gardner, is based in Phoenix, and is extremely seasoned in in pop/dance music production and songwriting. Some reputable clients of his include Madonna, Cher, and Michael Jackson. Being able to work with him was not only an incredible blessing, but was also an extremely valuable learning experience, as he coached on recording music under a time constraint, along with plenty of other valuable tips about the music industry that he has accumulated over the years. Because we had such an incredible experience together, I will be flying back out at the end of April to record (hopefully) 3-4 more songs. If all goes well, this will be the completion of my extended EP/ short full length album. (AHHH!)

With all of this in mind, I look forward to a very productive summer filled with recording, filming more music videos, and plenty of performances in the DC area. I want to thank those who have followed me along this entire time, and have given their upmost encouragement and support along the way. I’m beyond excited for what these next few months have in store!!

Be sure to follow my Facebook (MackenzieTestaMusic), my Instagram (mackenzietesta), my Youtube (Mackenzie Testa), and my website (www.mackenzietesta.com) to keep updated on new music I am releasing and upcoming performances.

Let’s end this school year on a high!! My quote of the day:

If you want to stop starting over, stop quitting.

CHEESY, but holds so much truth. Keep grinding, and watch your achievements slowly unfold. You’d never believe how much power your own positivity can hold 🙂


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