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The Lenz Of Kenz

Where Passion Meets Persistence

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Spring Break Updates

Spring Break Updates

Hi all!! As I enter into the final leg of my freshman year here at NYU, I am feeling extremely motivated and inspired to get the absolute most out of this year that I can. I've been reflecting a lot on my experiences here, and can say that the friendships and...

Update & Upcoming Performance!

Hey guys!!! I am so excited to be back at NYU starting another semester in the Music Business program. This school and city is filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. I am extremely grateful for the people and environment surrounding me. I have met some...



Hi all! I had the pleasure of performing for a friend's charity event this past weekend! I was able to sing a few covers as well as share "I Only Want You" with the crowd, and the responses were great; people loved the video! There really is something so incredibly...

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