Training isn’t “One Size Fits All”
by Mackenzie Testa | Sep 17, 2017 | Fitness | 0 comments
If you’re just entering the fitness world, the variety of programs, training styles, and and avenues you can take to achieve your fitness goals can be quite daunting. Even for those who have been in the scene for a while, it can still be very confusing as to what the answer is.
Do I do cardio? Of course not, cardio burns all your hard earned muscle!
Okay, do I weight train? Absolutelynot, you don’t want to be too bulky!
Um… alright. What about mobility training like yoga? Nah, you won’t see results if you aren’t getting your heart rate up to X in X amount of time. Yoga is too easy.
AH! So what is the answer?!

I’ll tell you this; fitness is NOT a one size fits all experience. Some thrive off of marathon style running, while some thrive off of weight training and resistance training. Others may see all the results they wish to doing low intensity/impact work like yoga and pilates. Just as it takes dedication and persistence to live a healthy lifestyle, it takes a lot of grit to get to know what style of exercise works best for your body, and there really is no shortcut to it. A lot of fitness figures on social media want you to believe their style of training is superior to others, and will try to convince you of this. It is very important to understand that what works for them or someone you know may not give you the exact same results, as a lot of factors are in play when it comes to the way you lookand feel (diet, sleep, stress, hormones, etc.).
So here’s my advice for those of you who have either just begun your fitness journey, or for anyone who has hit a rut or lull in their journey and is not seeing the results they wish to. Take the time to be your own personal experiment. Give yourself an entire month at a time to focus on a specific style of training, and be cognizant of the results that are happening. If you’ve never done weight lifting, focus on weight training with some light cardio in addition. If you’ve focused on weights or cardio but never on mobility, take up yoga for a month to improve your balance and flexibility. Your options are limitless, and what I find best is when I frequently switch up my routine to “shock” my body, and this tends to create the best results for me. Once you find what works for you, make this your focus style of training, with other styles complementing it on the side.
***And take full advantage of all of the FREE workouts online and on social media. There are tons out there, and you can use these while you are testing the waters before buying into any expensive program that you’re unsure of. You can get incredible results just by using your resources wisely!! :)***
For me, I have found that my ideal way of training is constantly changing and evolving. If I spend too long on any one style, I typically get bored and stop seeing results. So in general, I try to do what feels right in the moment. If I’m feeling stiff one day, I will do yoga. If I am feeling energetic, I will do high intensity styles of training. Bottom line, I always find it beneficial to listen to what your body is telling you it wants. Being intuitive with training is just as important as it is with food, and the more in tune you are with what kind of movement your body is craving, the more likely you are to reach your goals quicker.
I hope this served you in some way; thanks for reading and I’m excited to help you reach your fitness goals!


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