The best type of work is the kind that doesn’t feel like work(duh!). So when it comes to the things we actually have control over in our life, such as how we spend our free time, we should really take full advantage of this and do the things we LOVE!

Just as I say with fitness, I believe that finding the things that bring you the most joy and pursuing them is what’s going to bring long term success and happiness. For me, anything creative has always been this outlet for me. However, dancing specifically has always brought an immense amount of joy to my life. Really… there’s never a time where dancing can’t help alleviate stress for me or lift me up when I’m having a rough day; it’s amazing. 🙂

Often times, we get wrapped up in the chaos of our day to day lives that we neglect opportunities to engage in the things we love. I believe there’s an active hobby for everyone, whether it be biking, dancing, swimming, walking, skiing, etc., but I think it’s a common tendency for us to try to do the one thats “right” rather than what feels good. (For instance, I would rather stub my toe repeatedly 50 times than go for a run, but I force myself to do it occasionallybecause I know it’s good exercise.) Don’t ever fall into the mindset that you need to be doing a certain activity to stay healthy. In fact, this may be the opposite of what you need to hear! What truly makes someone healthy is when they’re feeding their body AND mind with the same amount of energy and love. SO…. if you love roller blading, hell… DO THAT for 30 min a day!! If you love hula hooping, power to ya! These may not be the best examples but you get the point lol! As long as you’re feeding your body properly with healthy, nutrient dense foods, “fitness” should be FUN! It should really just be about getting your body moving, and this can be through anything!! And like I said, for me, this has always been dancing! I dedicate time every single week to do it because it keeps my body AND mind healthy, and that’s priceless. So indulge in whatever activity takes your mind off of how many calories you’ve burned or how long you’ve been moving for. This practice can completely change your perception of exercise, and can help put focus back on what is really important…—->  🙂



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